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Happy New Year

With 2014 coming to a close and 2015 beginning with renewed hopes and dreams for everyone, Canadian Antique Lumber Co. is excited about some changes that are happening around here.
Beginning in January our office space at the wood yard will officially be open.
While we are still working out the bugs and will continue to settle into our new space for a while, change is good and we are excited about it.
Canadian Antique Lumber Co., is looking forward to a prosperous and healthy year. We are hoping to expand our antique wood sales and can’t wait to see what new and interesting log cabins and barns we find in the New Year.
As always please call ahead to the yard and make sure someone is there to greet you.
Happy New Year to Everyone, and Best of Luck for 2015
Shane & Julie Asselin

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Antique Lumber

Antique lumber is perfect with all decorating styles from rustic to retro, traditional to trendy, contemporary to casual, and everything in between. The colour, character, imperfections and grain variation makes antique lumber unmatchable with modern wood. It captures a natural aged essence and can be used in beam or board form, for ceilings, walls, trim, decorative and restorative, mantels, countertops and so much more.

On the Walls

On the Floor

On the Ceiling

In the Living Room

In the Kitchen

In the Bedroom


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Enjoy for Another Hundred Years

Canadian Antique Lumber Company is committed to advocating the reuse of recycled barn wood materials. These materials are sourced from unwanted century old barns which have outlived their usefulness and are no longer suitable for contemporary use, or are on the verge of collapse.

With the help of our sister company S&J Barn Demolition we carefully disassemble these buildings, removing all salvageable boards and beams - the materials are then carefully inspected and visually denailed, trimmed and stored.

It’s more than lumber. It’s a story from our past.

Reusing antique lumber is an environmentally responsible way to minimize our individual carbon footprint. By recycling old barns less garbage wood ends up in our landfills - recycled lumber requires less processing and reduces the demand for new raw materials. Reclaimed wood is a sustainable product, it helps save our planet by conserving natural resources.

It pleases us to know, that the buildings of our early Canadian forefathers, will live for another hundred years, and be enjoyed in equally as many places