Grey Barn Board

Salvaged from the exterior of the barn, gray board is the original barn siding. Weathered to perfection, displaying a very rich worn texture,  antique barn wood siding has withstood the test of time. Distressed by nature, it cannot be replicated, its colours are unmatchable by any new finishing techniques.

Colours range from gorgeous cool silver grey , to warm pewter tones, with character accents of deep etching, knot holes and feather light cracks that only decades of varying seasons can achieve. Each piece is unique, and different in its own way. The colouring and extent of weathering depend on the exposure it received. Applications can include but are never limited to;  exterior siding, interior wall cladding, accent walls, ceilings, headboards etc..

Gray board is  great with monochromatic decorating schemes and produces a restful, calming environment. Installed vertically, horizontally or on a diagonal grey board application adds clean lines and texture to any room. Weathered boards can vary in thickness from 3/4″ to over an inch and generally range from 5 to 18 inches wide with lengths from 4 to 16 feet.


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    Summer 2015

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Enjoy for Another Hundred Years

Canadian Antique Lumber Company is committed to advocating the reuse of recycled barn wood materials. These materials are sourced from unwanted century old barns which have outlived their usefulness and are no longer suitable for contemporary use, or are on the verge of collapse.

With the help of our sister company S&J Barn Demolition we carefully disassemble these buildings, removing all salvageable boards and beams - the materials are then carefully inspected and visually denailed, trimmed and stored.

It’s more than lumber. It’s a story from our past.

Reusing antique lumber is an environmentally responsible way to minimize our individual carbon footprint. By recycling old barns less garbage wood ends up in our landfills - recycled lumber requires less processing and reduces the demand for new raw materials. Reclaimed wood is a sustainable product, it helps save our planet by conserving natural resources.

It pleases us to know, that the buildings of our early Canadian forefathers, will live for another hundred years, and be enjoyed in equally as many places